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At Indian Valley Dental Associates, we believe that educating you about your needs will help you make the right long-term decisions for your oral health. With our technology, we can enhance your comfort and teach you about your treatment from start to finish.

Our office is equipt with the latest in Digital Radiology, the Kodak RVG 6100. This revolutionary digital x-ray system provides us with instant images, right in front of your eyes, with up to 80% less radiation than conventional x-rays. The four different sizes of x-ray sensors have more than double the pixels than other x-ray systems for a comfortable, clearer, and more accurate image. Additionally, this system has the patented Logicon system, which aids in early decay diagnosis by measuring tooth demineralization. This digital x-ray system interfaces with the AccuCam Intraoral Camera. With it, you can see the inside of your mouth at 25 times magnification to understand better our recommendations for dental therapy. All of these images, along with any digital photos we may take can be stored and saved for insurance purposes, or sent to other specialists for consultations.

Caesy’s DVD Patient Education System provides visual step-by-step explanations about specific treatment options and instructions for at-home care. It also provides education to inform you of different dental proceedures.

Our NSK Electric Handpieces are the quietest in the industry, with no high pitched chatter of traditional dental handpieces. Glass rod illumination allows maximum visualization for precise detail.

Newer techniques like No-prep Lumineers can painlessly make crooked, stained or chipped teeth look perfect.

All of our porcelain work is custom matched chairside and glazed in the office for a perfect match, minimizing office visits.

Dental Implants and bone regenerating procedures can restore once impossible situations naturally. In many cases, we can give you teeth-in-a-day for immediate function!

Our Panoramic X-ray Machine allows us to see the bone structure of your upper and lower jaw comfortably and quickly. With panoramic x-rays, we can examine the health of the bones that hold your teeth and better understand how your bite affects the long-term health of your teeth and mouth. It can also help to evaluated your mouth for dental implants.

Kodak 9300 cone beam dental imaging allows us, with minimal radiation to visualioze all of your dental structures in 3-D. This allows better diagnosing and planning of dental implant procedures.

We Believe...

That dental technology should be used:

  • To pinpoint existing problems and to identify potential problem areas so that we can provide accurate treatment
  • To alleviate possible discomfort associated with treatment
  • To teach our patients about the treatment they receive and ways to prevent future problems
  • To complete the needed treatment as quickly as possible to aviod interupting your busy lifestlye

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